Search on for mom without custody who took ‘endangered’ newborn

PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia police Special Victims Unit is asking for help finding a woman who may be in the city with her newborn daughter illegally and dangerously.

The woman is Ebony Armstead. Police say she gave birth to Princess Nova Jennings on July 11, and was released from the hospital on July 13.

Sadly, the infant was “born with a serious medical condition” and

“is in dire need of medical care. This issue is potentially life-threatening.”

Police also say,

“Due to her mental state, Armstead has no legal right to custody of baby Jennings. Armstead must be considered a danger to the health and wellbeing of baby Jennings.”

Armstead, 32, frequents the Philadelphia, Reading (Berks County) and Allentown (Lehigh County) areas, according to police. She should have three-and-a-half week-old baby Princess Nova Jennings with her.

Police ask anyone with any information where mother or baby may be to call their local police department.

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