Suspect surrenders after 6 officers shot, 3 more injured; ‘Miracle’ police all out of hospitals

NICETOWN-TIOGA — The dangerous situation in this area of North Philadelphia, centered a block from Broad Street, ended with the suspect surrendering peacefully at about midnight.

The trouble started at about 4:30pm Wednesday. Philadelphia police officers tried to serve a narcotics warrant, according to Commissioner Richard Ross.

They entered the house. When they were in the kitchen, near the back, shots started ringing out. It was an ambush.

Officers returned fire and most escaped, even through windows, except for two. They were trapped inside the home for hours, until the SWAT team got them out.

Six Philadelphia police officers were shot. Three others were injured. Wednesday night, all were released from Temple Hospital and Einstein Medical Center. The fact none of them were killed was a miracle, according to Commissioner Ross.

Shots rang out for hours, as afternoon turned into evening and then night, as police tried to get the man inside to surrender. Crowds gathered and police tried to keep them a safe distance away, along with members of the media.

Darkness and rain both played a role in the drama. There was a flash flood warning in effect from the evening until 12:15am.

The suspect has been identified as Maurice Hill, either 34 or 36 years old, but with a long criminal record regardless.

This is a reverse timeline, with the latest information at the top. Look at the time at the bottom of the tweets.

Eric Gripp is a Philadelphia police sergeant.

from a state representative:

Comm. Richard Ross

8pm, listening to police Commissioner Richard Ross:

“A pretty horrible situation unfolding .. not resolved.”

Officers serving a narcotics warrant at 4:30 when gunfire erupted. Gunman fired multiple rounds. Six wounded throughout their bodies. One of them suffered a graze wound in his head. He continues to fire rounds out the window. Letting him know he can end this peacefully. Told him the officers will be OK and he will not be hurt if he comes out. Worried about a potential hostage situation. He is definitely alive. Not sure there is only one shooter. Keeping all possibilities open.

“We’re doing everything in out power to make him come out.”

followed by Mayor Jim Kenney: He spoke to the six police officers. They’re all in good spirits. He’s “a little angry” about someone having all that firepower.

Three other officers were injured but not shot. All of the officers are in stable condition.

Google Maps

The Fraternal Order of Police represents police officers in the city of Philadelphia.

Philly Fire News is a reputable site in Philadelphia.

HSC is Temple University’s Health Sciences Campus.

BSL is the Broad Street Line, Philadelphia’s subway line that goes north-south, dividing much of the city in half.

from Philadelphia’s fire commissioner:

Continuing Coverage: Philadelphia Police Department

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