Police officer shoots person with knife walking toward him after warnings

The shooting happened after the suspect reportedly tried to reach into an SUV driver’s window, causing a commotion.

KENSINGTON — A person holding a knife and continuing to walk toward a Philadelphia police officer with it, despite repeated warnings, is listed in critical condition after the officer shot him.

The department said, in its preliminary investigation, the trouble started when two officers on duty in their marked patrol car saw a silver Nissan Titan SUV traveling in reverse, Monday night at about 10:15.

The SUV was going westbound on the 100 block of E. Wishart Street. That’s just on the Kensington side of Front Street.

Then, the officers saw a “male” walking by “jump on the vehicle’s driver’s door and reach into the vehicle through the driver’s window. At that point, the officers observed a commotion between the driver of the Nissan and the male pedestrian. The officers activated their emergency lights, and the Nissan sped away, north on Front Street. The male pedestrian fell from the vehicle and stood in the middle of the street.”

The officers got out of their police car and saw the person was armed with a utility knife like a box cutter in his hand.

Both officers ordered him to stop and drop the knife, but he

“ignored their verbal commands and began to walk toward the officers. Both officers back-pedaled away in a northward direction as they continually ordered the male to drop the knife.”

The suspect kept walking toward one of the officers, who repeatedly ordered him to drop the utility knife while backing up toward Allegheny Avenue.

As the officer approached Allegheny Avenue, with the armed suspect still walking toward him, the officer

“discharged his weapon several times, striking the male in the torso. The male fell to his knees, but maintained possession of the utility knife. Additional officers converged on the male and ultimately disarmed him.”

Police took him to the hospital, where he was listed in critical condition. An orange utility knife was found at the scene, and investigation is ongoing.

No police officers were hurt, and no names have been released, nor the suspect’s age.

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