Man arrested after quadruple shooting that left 2 dead

NORTH PHILADELPHIA — Philadelphia police announced they arrested a man for last weekend’s shooting that killed two men and wounded two others.

It happened early Saturday morning, before 7am on Aug. 31. Officers were called to the 4600 block of N. 4th Street in North Philadelphia for a report of multiple shooting victims.

  • Felix Moda-Montilla, 25, was shot in his head and chest. Somebody in a private vehicle took him to the hospital and he was pronounced dead, minutes after 7am.
  • Jeffrey Otero, 31, was shot in his head. Police took him to the hospital, and he was pronounced dead two hours later.
  • An 18-year-old man, who was shot in his head, is still in critical condition.
  • A 21-year-old man was shot in his left leg, and taken to the hospital in a private vehicle.
CHARGED: Jeffrey Tabarez, from Philadelphia Police Department

Police say Jeffrey Tabarez, 25 of Tacony, was arrested on Monday and charged with murder, criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, and two violations of the Uniform Firearms Act: not having a license and being on the streets of Philadelphia.

They also say the investigation is active and ongoing with the Homicide Division.


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