Police chief inspector charged with indecent assault against other officers

PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia police chief inspector, just two levels down from commissioner, is facing serious criminal charges and his victims were allegedly younger female officers.

Police say Chief Inspector Carl Holmes was arrested, Thursday morning.

His arrest comes

“after an investigating grand jury recommended criminal charges. Chief Inspector Holmes has been charged with the commission of aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault and other sexual offenses against three complaining witnesses.”

CHARGED: Chief Inspector Carl Holmes, from Philadelphia Police Department

Those witnesses were new female recruits and lower-ranking female police officers.

According to a news release by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, the grand jury’s presentment alleges:

  • “During his tenure as an inspector or chief inspector, Carl Holmes developed relationships with new recruits and young female police officers, through his position at the PPD training academy and his rank as a senior officer, presenting himself as a safe resource or mentor.”
  • “In two instances, when junior female officers came to Holmes for the guidance and mentorship he offered, he came on to them — and against their will and without their consent — kissed them, fondled their breasts and digitally penetrated their vaginas in a Philadelphia Police Department office. In another incident, the grand jury alleges that a third complainant was encouraged by Holmes to join his elite task force. Three days after joining the unit, the grand jury alleges that against her will and without her consent she was also kissed, groped, and digitally penetrated by Holmes.”
  • “Holmes’ position as a high-ranking officer at PPD insulated him from any meaningful investigation; all three of the young female police officers were subjected to investigations by the Internal Affairs Division of PPD after reporting sexual assault or sexual harassment allegations. The grand jury alleges that PPD culture discourages reporting a fellow officer, especially a boss.”

Chief Inspector Holmes is 54, and has been with the Philadelphia Police Department since March, 1990.

Now, the department has suspended him for 30 days with intent to dismiss.

According to the department’s website, there are eleven different ranks from police officer to police commissioner:

  1. police officer
  2. detective
  3. corporal
  4. sergeant
  5. lieutenant 
  6. captain
  7. staff inspector
  8. inspector
  9. chief inspector
  10. deputy commissioner
  11. commissioner


  1. Controversial Philly police inspector loses oversight of SVU
    Inspector Anthony Washington had been overseeing the Special Victims Unit since April, when then-Commissioner Richard Ross put him in charge despite accusations that Washington had sexually harassed four female police officers and a Temple University student.

    On Friday, the Police Department quietly removed SVU from the list of divisions that fall under Washington’s command. This happened just one day after District Attorney Larry Krasner charged Chief Inspector Carl Holmes with sexually assaulting three female police officers between 2004 and 2007. https://phillycom.cmail20.com/t/d-l-xiylrhk-yddiutjtty-jr/

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