Weather roller coaster: Snow squall videos and soon, possibly a record high

PHILADELPHIA — Warmer weather had us expecting no snow for as many as three weeks, despite the calendar showing January, but Mother Nature can reevaluate.

Wednesday afternoon, snow came in brief spurts from the west, through Philadelphia and into New Jersey.

“An arctic cold front was making its way off the coasts of New Jersey and Delaware at midafternoon, on its way out to sea,”

according to the National Weather Service.

That caused snow showers to be

“scattered throughout eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, northern Delaware and extreme northeastern Maryland. There were scattered rain showers near the coast.”

Tuesday’s high in Philadelphia was a relatively warm 46 and Wednesday afternoon temperatures were in the mid-to high-30s, but Frisky the cat noticed the snow was able to stick to the street for a few minutes, and parked cars a bit longer. Snow was expected to accumulate on grass but her windows don’t face any.

The snow squalls even led to cell phones blasting the emergency alert sound, potentially preventing drivers from danger, since squalls can be blinding and last for minutes.

The moisture ended up heading northeast with the cold front, and the possibility of more snow gradually ended.

Along with the cold and moisture was wind.

On land, there was a Wind Advisory from North Jersey all the way through Delaware until 8pm, with a Gale Warning off the coast from Long Island down to Delaware until 1am Thursday.

Wednesday night, the sky is forecast to become clear, and wind gusts of 40 to 45mph in the early evening should diminish overnight, with speeds dropping into the 5 to 10mph range by morning.

Temperatures will also be dropping with Thursday’s low in the low 20s in Philadelphia, and the high only reaching the mid-30s, but get ready for a quick warm-up for the weekend.

Highs in Philadelphia should reach the mid-60s on Saturday, possibly breaking the record of 66 from 1975.

That’ll be followed by overnight lows in the high 50s and highs in the low 60s on Sunday.

The average high temperature this time of year is only 39.

January record highs of 70+ in Philadelphia

Jan. 6, 2007: 73
Jan. 12, 1890: 72
Jan. 13, 1932: 70
Jan. 14, 1932: 73
Jan. 15, 1932: 71
Jan. 22, 1906: 70
Jan. 23, 1906: 71
Jan. 26, 1950: 74
Jan. 29, 2002: 72
Jan. 30, 1947: 70

Fun fact? 24 years and one day ago on Jan. 7, 1996 Philadelphia got 27.6 inches of snow.


  1. Philadelphia ended up breaking a record high on Saturday, Jan. 11. Made it to 67 degrees. The previous high for the day was 66, which lasted for 45 years, since 1975.

    But forget how it feels. We know winter isn’t over yet! See where there’s plenty of time to put on those skates!

    Winterfest at Dilworth Park, 1 S. 15th St., open through Sunday, Feb. 23.

    Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest, 101 S. Columbus Blvd., open through Sunday, March 8.

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