$6.8 million in Pew grants to help 38 Philadelphia-area nonprofits overcome COVID-19 emergency

PHILADELPHIA — Millions of dollars are going to help dozens of area health and human service organizations.

The Pew Charitable Trusts announced it’s going to give $6.8 million to 38 Philadelphia-region nonprofits over the next three years.

The money will help the charities address the critical needs of the area’s most vulnerable adults — both related to and exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Even before COVID-19, the Philadelphia region was already home to a large number of working-age adults striving to overcome complex challenges,” said Kristin Romens, project director of the Pew Fund for Health and Human Services in Philadelphia. “The pandemic and its impacts on emotional and physical health, as well as on jobs and the economy, are likely to increase the share of these individuals in the region.”

The support is focusing on agencies addressing three core goals. Each is followed by the organizations’ names and the amount they’ll receive in 2020.

Goal 1: To help adults with multiple and complex needs move toward independence and stability.

Goal 2: To enable low-skilled, unemployed, and underemployed adults to obtain and retain sustainable, competitive employment.

Goal 3: To use evidence-informed approaches to improve vulnerable adults’ behavioral health outcomes.

Also, the Pew Fund will let its current grantees — 94 nonprofits with a total of 109 open grants serving vulnerable people of all ages — flexibility in using their awards. That means they could use the money to make the crucial day-to-day decisions while carrying out their missions and addressing critical community needs.

The Pew Fund for Health and Human Services has supported hundreds of health and social services organizations in the Philadelphia region since 1991.

Information was provided by The Pew Charitable Trusts. Click here to learn more about its work in Philadelphia.


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