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Happy Independence Day and welcome (America) to a brand new source for Philadelphia news and information!

What makes ThePhillyFiles unique is that it’s meant for people who live and/or work in Philadelphia’s many neighborhoods. That means you, the reader, won’t have to search through news from hours away, across the region, that doesn’t mean anything to you. This is also not a niche publication or website, but for news that affects the general public.

And it’s totally independent. I’m not getting any corporate mandates from a home office, like the conglomerates that own 100+ TV stations or newspapers along with their websites receive.

That said, you may find something from a suburb or across the river from time to time. That doesn’t mean I’m a liar. A wise man has told me, “There are no rules; just guidelines.” So that’ll be the case, with obvious exceptions for legal and ethical issues.

Please read the articles and other pages, and comment on them below. Let everyone know what you liked, or thought about the situation.

On the other hand, use the contact page and let me know if there’s something you didn’t like. Or if something technical stopped working. Or that rare occasion you actually spot a typo! And please, feel free to suggest stories.

This website will always be free to read. That means every article. There won’t be paywalls, or limits to the number of stories per month. There won’t be pre-rolls before video.

My job isn’t very difficult. I don’t pay to print, so no trees are killed. I do take time to research and write, and pay to get the site up on the internet, so there will be some advertising. Unfortunately, that means one revenue stream.

As a journalist, I want sales to be as separate from news as possible. Please contact me if you’re interested in supporting this venture. I can also handle your basic art (for free with a six-month commitment).

This size is one option…

For locally-owned and/or managed businesses that could benefit from exposure, you won’t be paying to reach an entire region filled with people who will never be your customers, because they live hours away.

… and this is another. We can also be creative and flexible. There’s no reason not to share your idea!

If you frequent a business or use a service regularly, please let them know you enjoy reading ThePhillyFiles — and therefore think it’ll be a good match for other readers who don’t yet know about them.

This team of one (and hoping for a part-time sales rep with some experience and familiar with our area) will be concentrating on the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection. (If you’re interested, please send me information on your background and experience, and pay requirements.)

For those of you who are fortunate, enjoy your day off to celebrate our nation’s birthday with family and friends, be sure to keep our city clean and be safe with fireworks, and I look forward to seeing you back here very soon!

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