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Philly Sports!

It seems everyone knows Philadelphia as a fierce sports town (Broad Street Bullies?), with the toughest fans with the highest expectations anywhere.

Just two seasons ago, the Eagles won their first-ever Super Bowl since the AFL-NFL merger. The Phillies won the World Series in 1980 and 2008.

Now it’s about time for the 76ers, who haven’t won a championship since the early 1980s, and Flyers, who haven’t since the mid-1970s!

Want to go to a game, watch one on TV or just make plans?

You’ll find the latest news on them — along with Union soccer, and Temple and Penn State football — by clicking here.

Philly Weather

We probably live in one of the safest places on Earth. Mother Nature gives us four relatively mild seasons. We complain about the weather being too hot and humid, or too cold and icy, but other people have to deal with it longer, or in extremes.

Hurricanes and earthquakes are rare, and global warming leading to rising water levels will be much more severe down the shore, or in Florida.

Prepare with the Philly forecast, a map showing alerts around the region and lots more weather information by clicking here.

About ThePhillyFiles

Welcome to a brand new source for Philadelphia news and information!

What makes ThePhillyFiles unique is that it’s meant for people who live and/or work in Philadelphia’s many neighborhoods. That means you won’t have to search through news from across the region that doesn’t mean anything to you. This is also not a niche publication or website, but for news that affects the general public.

And it’s totally independent, so please contact me if you’re interested in supporting this venture through necessary advertising.

Also, click here to learn a lot more about ThePhillyFiles.

ThePhillyFiles’ Publisher

My name is Lenny Cohen, and I’ve been an award-winning TV/web news producer up and down the east coast, and also an elementary school teacher. In other words, I spent years helping people get information as a journalist, and children get an education as their teacher.

Briefly, I made the difficult decision not to be on camera. Then, it took two years out of college to get my first job, and it was at the TV station closest to my parents’ house.

I spent three years in Miami before moving on to produce newscasts in Connecticut and Philadelphia. Then I had to return to Miami, where I learned to produce and make graphics for the web, and ended up teaching elementary school for eight years!

Leaving Miami, I was Digital Media Manager in the Tri-Cities of Tennessee and Virginia, and Web Producer back in Philadelphia.

I saw what was happening in the industry and eventually decided to strike out on my own. And that’s what you’re reading!

Click here for many more details in the long version!

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