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  • by Kyle Phillippi
    Morgan Frost is like any of us. He sees the news. He follows the Philadelphia Flyers on the regular despite his busy schedule with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms.
  • by Kyle Phillippi
    Goaltending is back in the City of Brotherly Love.
  • by Kyle Phillippi
    At 6-2-2, the Flyers are off to about as good of a start as they could have hoped for considering the roster turnover from a season ago and the ensuing injuries to kick off the new campaign. With 10 games under its belt, the team will enjoy some days off before a grueling 21-day stretch […]
  • by Kyle Phillippi
    One week doesn't define a season, but for a team like the Philadelphia Flyers that is littered with new faces, it can prove to be an indicator of what's to come. And after three games, it's safe to say that there are some major takeaways that should apply moving forward through the schedule.
  • by Evan Macy
    The Flyers burst onto the ice Friday night like a team possessed, but their momentum eventually slowed as some bad luck bounces put them behind 4-2 with a few minutes left in the third period.
  • by Evan Macy
    The puck drops for the Flyers, finally, Friday night against Vancouver to start their 2021-22 slate of games, after one of the more consequential and active offseasons in recent memory.
  • by Kyle Phillippi
    If you were living under a rock the last five months, you’d find yourself quite confused at the makeup of the Philadelphia Flyers. That's because General Manager Chuck Fletcher followed through on his pledge to revamp this organization following a disappointing 2020-21 campaign that saw the team closer to the bottom of the conference than to a […]
  • by Evan Macy
    The Flyers are coming off what could be described as the most disappointing season, of a string of disappointing seasons for a team decades removed from its last Stanley Cup win.
  • by Brooks Holton
    Philadelphia Flyers fans have a very important job before the 2021-22 season begins: Picking the song that will echo throughout the Wells Fargo Center after the team scores a goal. Until Sept. 23, fans can submit song choices — or create their own to upload — on the Flyers' website. The team said it will […]
  • by Matt Mullin
    It appears 2021 won't be a contract year for Flyers center Sean Couturier, who has officially signed an eight-year extension with the team that will be wort $62 million (an average annual value of $7.75 million), general manager Chuck Fletcher announced on Thursday.

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This year’s NHL season will start Jan. 13. Teams will play 56 games.

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