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Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Recalls

The CPSC has jurisdiction over more than 15,000 kinds of consumer products used in and around the home, in sports, recreation and schools.

CPSC Children’s Recalls

CPSC Safety Blog

  • by CPSC Blogger
    Blog en español Consumers will turn their clocks back one hour when Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 3, 2019, at 2:00 a.m. As you set the new time, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reminds you that now is the perfect time to check and change the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms. “Early warning is crucial to getting out of a house fire alive and for surviving CO poisoning,” said CPSC Acting Chairman Robert Adler. “I encourage everyone to check and change the batteries in their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Doing this can […]
  • by CPSC Blogger
    Blog en español Millions of Americans embark on family vacations throughout the year. Online marketplaces that connect travelers with people who want to rent out their properties have become a popular alternative to hotels and motels. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) are teaming up on a new campaign urging consumers to “Take Safety With You!” Fire Safety Consumers need to know how to stay safe, whether renting a property or providing a home away from home. October 6th-12th is Fire Prevention Week, the perfect time to remind travelers and owners of […]
  • by CPSC Blogger
    Blog en español CPSC Issues Call to Action: Check Your Homes for Recalled Products; Babies’ Lives Depend on It! September is Baby Safety Month. Act Now. It’s a fact that most injuries can be prevented, and parents and caregivers play a major role in making sure little ones stay safe. As we mark Baby Safety Month 2019, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is urging all consumers with babies in their homes to make checking for recalled products a top priority. “The CPSC has worked with firms to recall millions of children’s products this year that need to be […]
  • by CPSC Blogger
    WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is launching a new research project on helmets and sports injuries. CPSC’s Sports Helmet Project is exploring the different kinds of head and neck injuries that occur during youth contact sports, such as football, hockey, and lacrosse while helmets are being worn. CPSC is asking parents to let the agency know by filing a report on about the type of helmet their children were wearing when they received a head or neck injury. CPSC is especially interested in incidents where the helmet did not function properly (broke, came off, […]
  • by CPSC Blogger
    Blog en español It’s hard to believe that the lazy days of summer are coming to an end and it’s back to the books for children everywhere. As kids head back to school, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging parents and students to keep safety top of mind. Every year thousands of children are injured doing normal activities like bike riding, sports and running about on the playground. Let’s take a look at some of the data and smart safety tips. Distracted Walking: For the 5-year period from 2014-2018, there were an estimated 6,500 ER-treated injuries associated with […]
  • by CPSC Blogger
    Blog en español It’s spring again! That means families can enjoy more outdoor activities as well as do some spring cleaning around the home. As you remove old clutter and make room for new items, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is encouraging consumers to spring clean for safety. Follow these tips to keep you and your family spring time safe! If you are cleaning: Keep household cleaners, laundry packets and medicines out of sight and out of reach of little ones in your home. Ingesting these can lead to unintentional poisoning and can have tragic results. If doing […]
  • by CPSC Blogger
    Blog en español Did you know the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has been protecting Americans against unreasonable risks of injury or death from consumer products since 1972? At CPSC, Your Safety is our Business! And National Consumer Protection Week, which runs from March 3-9, 2019, is a great opportunity for us to raise awareness on the lifesaving, free resources CPSC offers to help you make informed decisions about consumer products so you can keep your family safe from harm. Day #1 Monday, March 4: What We Do for You! CPSC has jurisdiction over thousands of types of consumer products […]
  • by CPSC Blogger
    Blog en español Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude, family, friends, and, of course, food! Safety in the kitchen is important, especially on Turkey Day –the leading day for home cooking fires! The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates an average of 1,800 cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving Day each year; three times the number on any other day of the year. And, cooking fires are the number one cause of residential fires. Turkey Day is almost here. Are you ready to gobble up …safety? Follow these TIPS: • Never leave food on the stove or in the oven unattended. […]
  • by CPSC Blogger
    Blog en español Halloween can be one of the most fun times of the year! There’s trick or treating, costume parties, pumpkin-carving, house decorations and lots of treats. Regardless of how you celebrate, make safety a priority to prevent injuries this Halloween. From October through November 2017, CPSC estimated a total of 4,500 Halloween-related injuries. [Download a free high resolution version of this poster.] Keep your little ghost and goblins safe (and the big ones too) by following these CPSC safety tips: Pumpkin Carving: – Kid helpers can grab a spoon and scoop out the inside, or use a marker […]
  • by CPSC Blogger
    Blog en español The message is clear: Got kids? Go cordless! Window cords are one of the most dangerous hidden hazards in the home. During October’s Window Covering Safety Month, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is urging parents and caregivers to check all window coverings for exposed or dangling cords, which pose a strangulation hazard to infants and children. “CPSC wants to remind parents and caregivers to use only cordless window coverings or those with inaccessible cords in homes with young children,” says CPSC Acting Chairman Ann Marie Buerkle. “We encourage parents and caregivers to examine all shades […]

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Recalls

The FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices; and by ensuring the safety of our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation.

FDA Food, Medicine and Other Recalls

FDA Food Allergy Recalls

FDA Outbreaks

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Vehicle Recalls

  • Dated: OCT 16, 2019 BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain 2020 BMW X3 M40i and X4 M40i vehicles. The steering rack pinion teeth may break under load, resulting in a loss of steering control.
  • Dated: OCT 15, 2019 PACCAR Incorporated (PACCAR) is recalling certain 2020 Peterbilt 579 vehicles equipped with a sleeper box. The conspicuity tape may have been installed in the incorrect location, affecting the vehicl…
  • Dated: OCT 16, 2019 Hyundai Translead is recalling certain 2018-2019 Dry Van Trailers. The beam clip of the air hose spring assembly may detach from the beam allowing the air hoses to drag on the ground.
  • Dated: OCT 18, 2019 Keystone RV Company (Keystone) is recalling certain 2020 Dutchmen Atlas 3382BH trailers. The trailers may have a non-metallic propane supply hose installed inside the burner box of the cooktop, inste…
  • Dated: OCT 17, 2019 Halcore Group, Inc. (Halcore) is recalling certain 2018-2019 Horton Type I & Type III ambulances. The D-cylinder oxygen tank bracket may loosen, allowing the oxygen tank to separate and become airbor…
  • Dated: OCT 15, 2019 BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain 2019-2020 330i, 330i xDrive, and 2019 Z4 vehicles. The needle roller bearings of the counterbalance shafts may have been improperly installed, pot…
  • Dated: OCT 21, 2019 Airstream, Inc. (Airstream) is recalling certain 2019-2020 Sport, Nest, Flying Cloud, International Serenity, International Signature, Classic, Globetrotter and Tommy Bahama trailers and 2020 Basecam…
  • Dated: OCT 14, 2019 E-One Incorporated (E-One) is recalling certain 2013-2019 Typhoon and Cyclone 2, 2013-2014 Cyclone 3, 2014-2019 Quest 2 and 2017 CHSH emergency vehicles equipped with a Cummins ISL, L9, ISX12, X12, I…
  • Dated: OCT 29, 2019 Indian Motorcycle Company (Indian) is recalling certain 2014-2019 Chief, Chieftain, Roadmaster, and Springfield motorcycles. The gear position switch contacts may oxidize, causing the gear position d…
  • Dated: OCT 24, 2019 Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling certain 2019 Dodge Challenger and Charger vehicles. An incompatible front wheel and brake package was installed and may allow the front tire to contact the steering…

NHTSA Tire Recalls

  • Dated: AUG 31, 2018 Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC (BATO) is recalling certain Firestone FS818 tires with date codes 2318-2418, Bridgestone M854 tires with date codes 2418-2518, Bridgestone M860A tires with da…
  • Dated: SEP 11, 2018 Continental Tire the Americas, LLC (Continental Tire) is recalling certain Conti Hybrid HS3 tires, size 11R22.5 LI 146/143, Load Range H with DOT codes A33TKWUY 0818 through A33TKWUY 1318. These tire…
  • Dated: AUG 31, 2018 Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC (BATO) is recalling certain Firestone FS818 tires with date codes 2318-2418, Bridgestone M854 tires with date codes 2418-2518, Bridgestone M860A tires with da…
  • Dated: NOV 19, 2018 Yokohama Tire Corporation (Yokohama) is recalling certain Yokohama RY023 tires, size 295/75R22.5 (14G), that have DOT date code 2318. The rubber compound may be incorrect, possibly resulting in the t…
  • Dated: OCT 12, 2018 Pt.Multistrada Arah Sarana, TBK (Multistrada) is recalling certain Achilles Desert Hawk A/P LT tires, size LT215/85 R16 115/112R 10PR, with DOT date code 1915 through date code 3618. The lower sidewa…
  • Dated: MAR 26, 2019 Trans Texas Tire (TTT) is recalling certain Contender 5.70-8 tires sold exclusively through Discount Tire stores. The tire sidewalls are incorrectly labeled, in that each side of the tire may state d…
  • Dated: JAN 29, 2019 Dynamic Tire Corp (Dynamic) is recalling certain Sailun tires, S698 157/154 L PR20, size 315/80R22.5, produced June 18, 2018-June 25, 2018. The TIN (Tire Identification Number) on the tire sidewall i…
  • Dated: JUN 05, 2019 Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. (Cooper Tire) is recalling certain size 235/65R18 Cooper Discoverer SRX, Evolution H/T, Discoverer HTP, Adventurer H/T CUV, Big O Big Foot A/S, Les Schwab Back Country QS3 Tou…
  • Dated: APR 22, 2019 Toyo Tire Holdings Of Americas Inc. (Toyo) is recalling certain Proxes A27 tires, size P185/60R16 86H, produced from September 21, 2018 through September 25, 2018 (DOT dates codes 3718 and 3818). Pro…
  • Dated: JUN 05, 2019 Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. (Cooper Tire) is recalling certain size 235/65R18 Cooper Discoverer SRX, Evolution H/T, Discoverer HTP, Adventurer H/T CUV, Big O Big Foot A/S, Les Schwab Back Country QS3 Tou…

NHTSA Child Restraint Recalls

  • Dated: JUN 15, 2017 Britax Child Safety, Inc. (Britax) is recalling certain B-Safe 35, B-Safe 35 Travel Systems, B-Safe 35 Elite, B-Safe 35 Elite Travel Systems and BOB B-Safe rear-facing infant child safety seats, mode…
  • Dated: SEP 14, 2017 Diono is recalling certain Radian R100, Radian R120, Radian RXT, Olympia, Pacifica, and Rainier convertible and booster car seats. When the seat is installed in the forward facing position and secure…
  • Dated: AUG 30, 2019 ForB dba WAYB (WAYB) is recalling certain WAYB Pico child seats manufactured between February 1, 2019 and August 23, 2019. The headrest's aluminum tubular frame can break allowing the headrest to det…
  • Dated: APR 17, 2018 Harmony Juvenile Products (Harmony) is recalling certain Harmony Big Boost Deluxe booster seats. In the event of a crash, the seat belt may cause excessive force to be applied to the restrained child…
  • Dated: OCT 17, 2019 Dorel China America, Inc. (DCA) is recalling certain Babidéal Storm Booster Car Seats, model BC901BPXL, sold exclusively at Family Dollar Stores. The label attached to the fabric cover may not have t…

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) information

The USDA provides leadership on food, agriculture, natural resources, rural development, nutrition, and related issues based on public policy, the best available science, and effective management.

  • by USDA Latest News Releases
    You probably have not heard of the Kirtland’s warbler. It is a songbird that migrates between breeding habitat in northern Michigan and its winter range in the Bahamas.
  • by USDA Latest News Releases
    Thanksgiving is a time when many people give back, including volunteering to prepare holiday meals or donating food to those who are less fortunate. This is also a time when people are handling and receiving food in unfamiliar settings. Improper food handling has led to past foodborne illness outbreaks during the holiday season. Those handling […]
  • by USDA Latest News Releases
    You may be reading this blog entry from your desk workstation, or perhaps a laptop in a coffee shop. You might even be perusing this on your smartphone. It’s a common, everyday occurrence that can easily be taken for granted. Unfortunately, in many parts of rural South Carolina – it’s not only a luxury to […]
  • by USDA Latest News Releases
    It can be challenging for veterans to find their voice this time of year. That’s understandable. Within an extraordinary community who once wore, or continues to wear the uniform of our country, and their families who stand strong at home, Veterans Day opens a personal window that profoundly touches lives.
  • by USDA Latest News Releases
    Trees and crops are experiencing stress, productivity loss and even death in coastal areas due to saltwater intrusion and salinization. For example, Somerset County, Maryland has been losing farmland to salt marsh migration at a rate of 100 acres per year over the last 10 years, and that amount is expected to increase significantly in […]
  • by USDA Latest News Releases
    If you’ve ever had to travel to get access to the internet – whether to a library or a restaurant in a nearby town, or any other community resource that has that critical connection to the world of information – you understand the excitement we have here in Tennessee as the first state to announce […]
  • by USDA Latest News Releases
    According to the 2017 Census of Agriculture conducted by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, Idaho had an inventory of more than 2.4 million head of cattle and calves in December 2017, ranking 12th among all states. In comparison, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated Idaho’s population to be around 1.7 million in 2017, which means there […]
  • by USDA Latest News Releases
    When dealing with drought, producers can feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to get help to recover from their losses, mitigate risk, and/or prepare for future events. To support the agricultural community in locating the information they need, USDA in partnership with the National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC) at the University of Nebraska, developed a […]
  • by USDA Latest News Releases
    According to the 2017 Census of Agriculture, Utah had more than 18,400 farms encompassing more than 10.8 million acres. This is an increase of 2 percent in the number of farms and a decrease of 1 percent in total acres compared to the 2012 Census of Agriculture. Just under 80 percent of Utah’s farmland is […]
  • by USDA Latest News Releases
    One of my fondest childhood memories was helping my grandma tend to the fresh fruits and vegetables in her garden. After a morning’s work outside in the sunshine, the fresh-picked corn was a feast for the taste buds and a sweet reward for our hard work. Working alongside my grandma taught me many important lessons […]
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